Rudder Kicks are practised to develop co-ordinated rudder control in conjunction with changes in banked attitude, a skill crucial to effective, and safe crosswind landings.


At an operationally safe altitude, and using a prominent geographic feature, establish the aircraft in straight and level flight at the maximum Vfe speed (for target purposes).  Initiate smooth and continuous rudder pressure until full deflection to the left or right is established; simultaneously, initiate roll in the opposite direction sufficient to maintain a straight track whereby the aircraft’s longitudinal axis remains in line with the targeted geographic feature.  Once established straight with full rudder deflection, initiate smooth full rudder deflection in the opposite direction and repeat, alternating left and right.  Smoothness is essential; practise this manoeuvre in level and descending flight.

Flight Safety

  1. Always check adjacent airspace for additional traffic prior to initiating the manoeuvre.
  2. Since this exercise requires full deflection of the rudder control surface, ensure that Va is not exceeded.