Descending steep turns fine-tune simultaneous pitch, power, and bank control.


After checking adjacent airspace for additional traffic, establish the aircraft in a level steep turn with a constant 45° bank and a constant airspeed.  Complete a 360° turn relative to a prominent geographic reference and, after completing the turn, roll the aircraft to enter a steep turn in the opposite direction, but this time, reduce power sufficiently to maintain a 300 feet/minute descent, yet maintain a constant airspeed.  Effort should be made to keep the rate of descent constant while rolling into a turn in the opposite direction.  Continue the opposite steep turn until the 360° turn is completed; then rotate in the opposite direction.  Repeat.  The descent should be continued for 1000’, at which time the aircraft is levelled off—but continuing the turning procedures.  Maintain the level steep turn until at least two full 360° steep turns are completed in opposite directions, then continue in the descent by repeating the exercise.


Flight Safety

Extreme caution must be used with respect to ensuring there is no additional traffic in your vicinity prior to and during this manoeuvre.  Eyes should be checking outside the cockpit, using the instruments for only periodic crosschecking.